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Let’s start with traditions… In the Torres Straits, there’s a tiny island that contains a small hut called Honeymoon Island. Its where the Islanders delivered newlyweds in beautifully decorated boats after a fabulous feasting ceremony with a weeks’ worth of provisions. The couple remained as the families returned to the reception that ran for days. Aboriginals, dependent upon their skin, perform a ceremonial smoking for cleansing spirits as part of their marriage ceremony. Some have a traditional dance where the couple toss stones into rivers for their union to be a part of their country’s story. In Mexico, they create a doll with a replica of the bride’s gown to attach Read more

Halloween isn’t celebrated in my region of Australia. It’s seen more as an American Holiday as a fun excuse to wear costumes and eat lollies. What I know of Halloween as a kid was what I saw was on the TV. Kids collecting candy from neighbourhoods where fake spiderwebs were uses to create haunted houses. With neighbors too far to walk to,  Halloween seemed to be all about the sugar. Lots and lots of sugar – thus making it a dieter’s day of dread. It’s almost like Easter with the chocolate on the other end of the calender year. So, is Halloween really all about candy? Or is it about ghosts, witches, the Supernatural Read more

Who doesn’t love a wedding? The gown, the food, the romance and everyone coming together to celebrate. I’ve seen many weddings, from five-star rooftop restaurants where every man wore a suit and the bridal dress was worth a year’s salary. Then there’s the backyard-bush-block-bash. On such an occasion

We all have a tale to tell on who are the worst drivers in Australia. Queenslanders state it’s New South Welshmen. Northern Territorians claim its South Australians, and all grey nomads towing caravans. Tasmanian’s rarely get a mention because they don’t venture far from the island. Sandgropers (AKA Western Australians) understand how to cruise. And everyone complains about Victorians – even the Victorians! Yet, if those complaining drivers ever rode a scooter in Bali, they’d never whine about another fellow Aussie driver again. Bali traffic


For some, it’s going to a shopping centre’s grand opening with its state-of-the-art gymnasium that’s classier than a five-star hotel. It could be a new recipe created in the comfort of your home while preparing to watch a new reality TV programme. Or, it’s lying on a beach reading a book in an exotic holiday destination, before jumping off a mountain on a motorbike wearing a parachute. Adventure can be as simple as stepping out the back door. Where you’re hit by a wall of sauna-styled heat, but still manage to step wider to not upset the snake stretched out against the cool air gap that spills from the house. Your Read more