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With some not-so gentle persuasion from my writer friend who was teaching me how to use Facebook (Yes, I’ve only been on Facebook for about a year! Shocker.) I submitted a sweet story for Destination Romance. It was also the first time I worked to a brief. 

I didn’t think I’d apply when there really wasn’t much time to beat the closing date.

But, (yes, it’s an annoying ‘but‘ moment) as I’m a regular wanderer to various destinations, it didn’t take long until I had the….

What-if moment!

(that’s where that seed of thought forms in the back of the mind and an idea grew…fast!)

I’m a pantser, who can easily sit in front of a blank page and let the characters surprise me – and they do. Once I’m into the story’s void, I can slam out a first draft in a week. That’s the part I love is the word-journey itself. With this story for Serenity Press, its characters practically wrote it themselves – through me, who added the pepper to the sweetness of their tale.

now, here comes the problem…

By the time I got to  ‘The End’ I’d done over 20,000 words! I kid you not.

now, here comes the question….

Do I, or do I not submit? Or is that I do, or I don’t? Sounds like a marriage ceremony, huh?

Anyway, I’m under a mentorship with Hachette Australia, as a courtesy, I contacted my fabulous punished-publisher and she said, “Go for it.” So I did, and out came the red pen that was waved around like a loose sword in the hands of a sadist fighting imaginary dragons.

No, I like dragons, I’m a huge GoT fan.

Yet, I’d never slain so many words before. In total, over 11 thousand words were slashed. And at the eleventh hour, I had completed a story to submit and forget which took all up three weeks.

Shall we repeat that?

three weeks

I’m not bragging. (Yeah, I am. *Giggles.)

What did I do with the extra chapters I culled? I’ve kept them for those on my newsletter to release after publication. Hopefully, you’ll be there to enjoy that?

and here are my words of gratitude:

Thank you to Monique Mulligan, Editorial Director at Serenity Press for this fabulous opportunity. As a side note, at the time of writing this, Serenity Press directors Karen McDermott and Monique Mulligan were named as finalists in the Ausmumpreneur Awards. Congratulations ladies and good luck for the finals. (Woohoo, we’re all winners!)

Thank you to my critique partners from the RWA. To my patient social media guru, thank you for giving me the virtual-backside-boot in your hot pink crocs to write and submit this story.

And lastly, I thank you for reading this. You. Are. A. Champion.

Until next time,

Enjoy. xx


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