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I’m Mel A ROWE, a writer whose pen blends comedy, suspense, urban fantasy, crime, adventure, and romance. It’s where my common characters’ uncommon journeys can lead from boardrooms to billabongs in search of their own happily ever after.

If not writing that happy-ever-after with a twist, I’ll wander outback of North Australia searching for my next favourite photo setting, meeting new and old friends, all while trying to find lost.

The works

The Works
exotic holidays & marriage proposals that backfire... yours free!
a knuckle-busting, gritty crime within the Outback...
sweet to sexy for some...
short, sweet & sassy reads... available October 2017
lots of laughter & love...

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Sep 2017
What is Adventure?
For some, it’s going to a shopping centre’s grand opening with its state-of-the-art gymnasium that’s classier than a five-star hotel. It could be a new recipe created in the comfort of your home while preparing to watch a new reality TV programme. Or, it's lying on a beach reading a book in an exotic holiday destination, before jumping off a mountain on a motorbike wearing a parachute. Adventure can be as simple as stepping out the back door. Where you’re hit by a wall of sauna-styled heat, but still manage to step wider to not upset the snake stretched out against the cool air gap that spills from the house. Your Read more More Details
Aug 2017
a what-if moment
Why not sit and have a cuppa for a moment and let me share some news with you….   With some not-so gentle persuasion from my writer friend who was teaching me how to use Facebook (Yes, I’ve only been on Facebook for about a year! Shocker.) I submitted a sweet story for Destination Romance. It was also the first time I worked to a brief.  I didn’t think I’d apply when there really wasn’t much time to beat the closing date. But, (yes, it's an annoying 'but' moment) as I’m a regular wanderer to various destinations, it didn’t take long until I had the…. What-if moment! (that’s where that seed of thought Read more More Details
Aug 2017
that one phone call

You’re on the phone, someone’s talking and somehow you’re responding while your mind is in a whirl. You look around checking for hidden cameras in case this is a prank. Your expression of disbelief is matched by the cocked eyebrow and slight twist of the lips as you sniff for that hint of falsehood. But then the brain cogs’ click, rock, and shudder as your eyes widen with recognition. Yes – dammit – you WON! Won what? An author mentorship with Hachette Australia. Yes, I happy danced! I’m sure the neighbours heard all, where champagne bottles were corked as fast as a trigger-happy trainee gunman at a firing range. I Read more

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Aug 2017
a writ of words…

My (basic) Disclaimer & Privacy Policy “…because someone said I needed one…” Disclaimer Hi there. Thanks again for visiting. For my valued American readers, I’d like to say I write Australian English which may seem like my writing is full of errors, it’s not. However, I am human and errors do occur. This site is intended to give general information about myself as an online authorpreneur. Text and photography created by Mel A ROWE exclusively for, and I’d appreciate it if you credited & linked back to this site appropriately if reposted. Because I also believe in giving credit where credit is due that if at any time you Read more

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The wanderer

The story so far...

2017 has produced one of the best ‘Wet-seasons’ in the Top End of Australia. Birds are abundant, rivers are flush with fat barramundi, and dust bowls remain as endless oceans of green.
Here are only a few of my favourite images, so far… For more of my adventures be sure to follow me on Instagram (link below)

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