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People change their names via marriage, adoption, divorce, or for the sake of being someone new. Titles change for those who graduate to a higher level of education.  Movies stars, recording artists, con-men, and authors have pseudo names. It’s all about the identifiers. But the most challenging part for me, as a writer, is naming the story itself. There, I said it. I’m out. So, what does one do about this debilitating heartbreak?

Next week is Valentine’s Day – like you didn’t already know that! So I’ll spare you the history lesson of its originality of why it is such a day when we know it’s a day for celebrating romance. It’s where Hallmark creates gazillions of cardboard motifs. Chocolatiers’ bundle their bounty in pretty boxes. Restaurant’s polish off their menus and chinaware. It’s also where flowers are picked, preened, wrapped with ribbon, and then delivered in the name of Cupid. Of course, for that special romantic occasion, you could pluck a wildflower from a field. Or you can call upon the creative geniuses who are part of Cupid’s army, catering to the Read more

As scientists and storm-chasers gather in this part of the country for the oncoming Wet Season, it's time I mentioned storms in stories. In particular, the love stories. In my story, Strangers Storm, the weather plays an important part. It's where elements can bring couples together or tear them apart. Yet, there is nothing more invigorating as an incoming storm that blackens the sky. Thunder rumbles through your ribcage, and lightening electrifies the air with the sweet promise of drought-breaking rains. We suffer various extremes in heat and high humidity this time of the year, and it's common for tempers to flare and emotions to boil-over. But when that first teardrop Read more

Let’s start with traditions… In the Torres Straits, there’s a tiny island that contains a small hut called Honeymoon Island. Its where the Islanders delivered newlyweds in beautifully decorated boats after a fabulous feasting ceremony with a weeks’ worth of provisions. The couple remained as the families returned to the reception that ran for days. Aboriginals, dependent upon their skin, perform a ceremonial smoking for cleansing spirits as part of their marriage ceremony. Some have a traditional dance where the couple toss stones into rivers for their union to be a part of their country’s story. In Mexico, they create a doll with a replica of the bride’s gown to attach Read more

Halloween isn’t celebrated in my region of Australia. It’s seen more as an American Holiday as a fun excuse to wear costumes and eat lollies. What I know of Halloween as a kid was what I saw was on the TV. Kids collecting candy from neighbourhoods where fake spiderwebs were uses to create haunted houses. With neighbors too far to walk to,  Halloween seemed to be all about the sugar. Lots and lots of sugar – thus making it a dieter’s day of dread. It’s almost like Easter with the chocolate on the other end of the calender year. So, is Halloween really all about candy? Or is it about ghosts, witches, the Supernatural Read more