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“When a bride finally learns to say No
Meets a man who won’t take No for an answer.”

Avoiding The Pity Party

Outing her cheating fiancé in the middle of her marriage ceremony was not how Deanne Harrison planned to spend her day as a bride. Worse, when the evening ends with Deanne sharing the perfect kiss with the handsome stranger, Sean.

Or was it just another over-emotional intoxicated illusion in Deanne’s life that had become a disaster since that fateful day?

Returning to her childhood home, Deanne has a whole new set of issues to avoid, like her grandmother who is driven to get Deanne back on her feet. Then there’s the big brother, Jimmy, who blames Deanne’s demise on a family curse. When all Deanne wants is to ride out her Honeymoon of Hurt, and to hide in her cotton-wool-world of sameness, free from men forever.

That is until Sean tracks her down…

Avoiding the Pity Party is a witty party-mix of heartbreak and humour. Set in an Australian suburban household for anyone who has ever been heartbroken, or ever visited a hardware store.

Out March 2018

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