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For some, it’s going to a shopping centre’s grand opening with its state-of-the-art gymnasium that’s classier than a five-star hotel. It could be a new recipe created in the comfort of your home while preparing to watch a new reality TV programme. Or, it’s lying on a beach reading a book in an exotic holiday destination, before jumping off a mountain on a motorbike wearing a parachute.

Sense of adventure

Adventure can be as simple as stepping out the back door. Where you’re hit by a wall of sauna-styled heat, but still manage to step wider to not upset the snake stretched out against the cool air gap that spills from the house. Your boots crunch on meat ants that mesh with the red dry dust as you carry that feeling of being watched by possums in the gum trees. Bats screech from their vertical inclines. Cicadas do their best to urinate on the closest moving targets. And mosquitos dive bomb you in their efforts to satiate their vampiric tendencies.

And that’s just getting to the car!

Ah yes, the Territorian Tropical summer – I have so much to look forward to…

As individuals, we have unique levels of pain threshold, it’s the same for a person’s adventure tolerance. For me, adventure is wherever the road leads. Whether it’s writing my character’s journey of self-discovery, or snapping my newest favourite photo on a re-found hiking trek, adventure is stepping out of my comfort zone.

It’s taking that risk.

So, what’s your interpretation of adventure?

Helen Keller – Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.

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