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Halloween isn’t celebrated in my region of Australia. It’s seen more as an American Holiday as a fun excuse to wear costumes and eat lollies. What I know of Halloween as a kid was what I saw was on the TV. Kids collecting candy from neighbourhoods where fake spiderwebs were uses to create haunted houses.

With neighbors too far to walk to,  Halloween seemed to be all about the sugar. Lots and lots of sugar – thus making it a dieter’s day of dread. It’s almost like Easter with the chocolate on the other end of the calender year.

So, is Halloween really all about candy?

Or is it about ghosts, witches, the Supernatural (the show too), the paranormal, and all things Stephen King.

To celebrate the occasion (while I unwrap another piece of candy) here is a mix of the mischievous, mysterious, and magical from R&R Ramblings:


Railway Whisper


Tooth-Fay Tooth Spit


Painted Ruse


And a scene of some nice witches enjoying their favourite feel-good holiday:



Want a little more magic? Why not get your free copy of Strangers Storm, Here.


Enjoy. Xx

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  • Hi, Mel. Just a quick note to say that the new design is quite fetching. I thought I should mention, though, that I can’t seem to find an option to “like” or somehow digitally admire the posts. Perhaps this is your intention, so excuse the ring if that’s the case. I’m still reading and admiring your pieces, but I feel a tad bit guilty that I can’t show any love…

    • Hi Brian, thank you for the compliments on the new site, I’m still working out the kinks, glitches, and dancing with the gremlins as the IT-challenged individual I am. Hopefully, I’ll have it sorted soon-ish. =) Mel.

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