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Let’s start with traditions…

In the Torres Straits, there’s a tiny island that contains a small hut called Honeymoon Island. Its where the Islanders delivered newlyweds in beautifully decorated boats after a fabulous feasting ceremony with a weeks’ worth of provisions. The couple remained as the families returned to the reception that ran for days.

Aboriginals, dependent upon their skin, perform a ceremonial smoking for cleansing spirits as part of their marriage ceremony. Some have a traditional dance where the couple toss stones into rivers for their union to be a part of their country’s story.

In Mexico, they create a doll with a replica of the bride’s gown to attach trinkets for luck. Koreans have ducks at their ceremony to signify life-mates. In Scotland, they do the Blackening of the bride  – basically, she gets covered in crap – similar to how a bride looks late into her bachelorette party. Malaysians’ share hard boiled eggs as gifts for guests to symbolise fertility. In Spain, the groom gives his bride thirteen coins as symbols to show he’ll always provide for her.

Back home, the men would block off the street after the ceremony and refused to allow the newlyweds to pass until they give them all a drink… yes, we’re talking Aussie men. I think it was their fee for finding a suit and showing up.

I’m sure there are plenty more traditions still used today.  Here’s more traditions exposed in the video below.

Do you have any marriage traditions or wishing wells of wonder?

But what about the dating stage to pre-engagement where a bride’s wishes to find her groom

And I’m not talking of the well-wishes found in Hallmark cards.

Nor touching on the tradition of arranged marriages either…

And let’s not discuss Tinder dating sites for the moment…

But what about (Insert drumroll here)

“Love spells for marriage!”

What-if you wanted to marry that certain someone, and there was an ancient trinket that granted your wish.

What-if an exotic gypsy gave you a spell passed through the generations to find your soulmate?

Would you do it?

There was such a young woman who was given a chance to wish for something she’d dreamed of.

Did it work?

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