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As scientists and storm-chasers gather in this part of the country for the oncoming Wet Season, it’s time I mentioned storms in stories.

In particular, the love stories.

In my story, Strangers Storm, the weather plays an important part. It’s where elements can bring couples together or tear them apart. Yet, there is nothing more invigorating as an incoming storm that blackens the sky. Thunder rumbles through your ribcage, and lightening electrifies the air with the sweet promise of drought-breaking rains. We suffer various extremes in heat and high humidity this time of the year, and it’s common for tempers to flare and emotions to boil-over. But when that first teardrop tumbles from the heavens you have to celebrate the moment. So you add a little more heat and sparks from the heart until the moment calls to share that….

Stormy Kiss.

It’s a kiss of summer stories and sunset secrets, and of moon-dances and mystery. It’s not seen. Not heard. But felt. Where there is no sin for skin to press upon skin, as raw rain tastes like freedom adding to their flavour. It’s where souls yield in a kiss to make cynics sigh and lost-lovers smile through tears of vivid memories of those missed or yearned to meet.

Its what a kiss in the rain should be… magic and memorable.

To finish on a high, from my movie keeper-shelf here are my top 5, in random order, who have that perfect, powerful moment of passion:

(*cue the drumroll here)

That sweet kiss in the storm:



  • Sweet Home Alabama – the lightning, the beach, the dress, the kiss!
  • The Notebook – the steamy cover says it all
  • Dear John – Nicholas Sparks signature move, a couple from conflicting sides of social standings, a stormy beach, and a kiss.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s – cat’s, rain, and kisses – how sweet is that combination (Youtube clip above)
  • Australia –with an Outback kiss that celebrates the first rain we wish for.

So, what’s your favourite kiss in the rain scene?

And just in case you want more romantic stormy moments, check out Strangers Storm, yours free – Here.


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