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Who doesn’t love a wedding?

The gown, the food, the romance and everyone coming together to celebrate. I’ve seen many weddings, from five-star rooftop restaurants where every man wore a suit and the bridal dress was worth a year’s salary. Then there’s the backyard-bush-block-bash. On such an occasion the groom bought a new set of volleys for himself and his mates to match.

Of course, we’re all aware each wedding is different. Some release butterflies or doves. Others walk through bubble machines for that dramatic entrance, and some have champagne towers bubbling over to share in a toast. It’s these touches that make their day uniquely memorable for those witnessing their journey.

In the Northern Territory, the trend is to get married in Bali. It’s cheaper to fly to Bali for a weekend with paid accommodation than to fly one-way to another Australian capital city. Living in Darwin is more expensive than Sydney so you can understand why many choose Bali for the holiday wedding experience. And to pick up a tattoo and have some leather outfits tailored… Met the Sydney-based male exotic dancers who were occupying the pool area at my Kuta hotel. They were working on their winter tans while their leather costumes were being prepared for their newest routine. We were even blessed with a demo performance. Hello Magic Mike on holiday! sigh

Um, yeah, so – to finish this so I can book my next flights…

Bali is a beautiful country. Its people are warm and generous where the tropical weather would please even the pickiest bride. With spectacular scenic beaches and cool mountains, it’s any wonder I chose this exotic location for the family wedding in Stranger Storm. And you can read more with your free copy here.

Oh, and if you’ve got any Bali bridal stories, do tell.

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